Why Grammedit?

Grammedit is the platform that connects shoppers with a trusted network of Instagram sellers. As a seller, you can grow your business through authentic relationships with your customers. For shoppers, no need to limit your options because you can now shop from Instagram sellers with peace of mind. Your search for genuine Instagram shops starts and ends with Grammedit.

At GrammedIt, we believe that a strong e-commerce community begins with transparent feedback and trust. That is why our platform is the place where customer ratings and reviews truly count. When you leave a review on a GrammedIt Instagram Seller page, you are influencing change and supporting the small business community. The best part? Our online reputation management system raises the bar of veriable reviews and genuine interactions between businesses and their customers.  Businessses won't be unfairly targeted by malicioius reviews while shoppers won't be hoodwinked by fake five star ratings. 


My name is Patience Ose and I started GrammedIt because I was tired of spending precious time in search of trustworthy unique sellers on Instagram. Like millions of people, I spend lots of time scrolling through the beautiful images of products displayed on the grid of small sellers of Instagram. But, without a reliable way to read the collective experiences of past customers, it was next to impossible to really prove that their products and service would live up to their expectations. The exhausting search process and the lack of a reliable proof-of-authenticity system in the social shopping world often caused me to lose interest in purchasing. So, I wanted to help change that process. That's why this platform is where small Instagram sellers can finally gather the social proof that they need so that customers like me aren't turned away from buying from them.

My hope is that GrammedIt will inspire more shoppers to support local businesses on Instagram because it is now going to be more convenient to find them on Google and evaluate their trustworthiness.


As a Grammedit Shopper, you can

  • Conveniently find local Instagram sellers
  • Read reviews from past customers
  • Shop all in one place
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As a Grammedit Seller, you will:

  • Belong to an exclusive community of trusted local sellers
  • Build greater trust and confidence in the Instagram shopping experience
  • Be conveniently discovered by shoppers with our optimized search feature
  • Build a solid reputation for business
  • Attract more customers with our rating system
  • Retain more customers
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