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Body Butters by Ali
Category: Beauty 
Whipped Body Butters Bath Soaks Beard & Body Oil Body Scrubs All Natural Ingredients Parben/Phthalate Free
Body Butters by Ali is an all natural skincare product line. We used 100% Ghanian shea butter for the base of all our butters. All the other ingredients included in our products are 100% organic. All our products are handcrafted & whipped in small batches for the ultimate freshness. Our butters are used to treat problematic skin conditions such as but not limited to; >Eczema > Psoriasis > Alligator Skin > Dry cracked skin >Cracked Heels >Reduces stretch marks > Restores skin's elasticity,
City: Norval,
State/Province: ON,
Country: Canada

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Giveaway Winner
By Nicole P. on May 24, 2022
I've always wanted to try Body Butter & I luckily won some in a Giveaway. It smells SO GOOD & it is SO SOFT - highly recommend
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Your skin will thank you
By Enrica i. on Apr 7, 2022
The best body butter I have used! No major skin issues but definitely helps with dryness itching. Very soothing and leaves skin smooth. Absorbs into skin well! Just go right to the larger size! Have only tried vanilla cocoa and I love it!! Perfect balance of scent. Definitely a product my skin cannot live without!
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Body Butter Heaven
By Diana P. on Feb 28, 2022
I have been using my body butter for my sons, husband and I and we are in love! Smells amazing, feels even better! Keeps us all hydrated during these cold dry winter months! I’ll be ordering more very soon!
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By Skylar R. on Jan 30, 2022
Purchased double whipped body butter and am absolutely in love. Soft whipped consistency. The scent free option naturally smells so nice. Glides beautifully on the skin. So so happy and will be recommending to everyone !
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Softest Skin Ever!
By Natalie Z. on Jan 20, 2022
I got Ali’s body butters at a local market and I’m so happy that I did. In the winter time my skin gets real dry, and flaky, but the body butters have made my hands and arms so soft and smooth. My bf even noticed while holding my hands how much softer they have gotten! A little product goes a long way, it’s so effective and the smell is absolutely amazing. It also lasts for hours, I’ve used it before bed time and in the morning I still feel and smell amazing. I highly recommend the body butters!
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That Lavender Oil Though
By Karla D. on Jan 20, 2022
This box is definitely to small for all that can be said about this oil. During the winter months as we all know our skin takes serious hit. This body oil has become a staple in my home (my children and husband included) as well as my mother's home. The scent is not over powering and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and healthy. I have one in my home and one in my car. I can't get enough.
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By Ciara M. on Jan 19, 2022
No other words besides obsessed! My skin has never felt so smooth nor has shine so much in the fall / winter. And on the plus side I’ve received my products so fast especially for being in the states.
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Skin Saver
By Amanda N. on Nov 24, 2021
The absolute best smelling, most moisture ive ever had not even my dermatologist could ever help my skin especially my face during the colder months and it just started. Ive been seeing one for years on different medications but nothing has helped it enough until i met the Queen of Body butters the most sweetest person you will know and definitely she stands by her products you wont be disappointed at all. Since using the body butter im more happy over all, have more confidence and have seen drastic results in my skin that id not imagine.
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bodybuttersbyali on Jan 19, 2022
My sweet Amanda. THANK YOU so much for such an amazingly honest review. I am happy that these products are helping heal your skin as this is what our brand truly stands for. Please continue to stay consistent and you will continue to yield great results. Lots of love from Ali 💕
Rose body butter
By tania s. on Oct 19, 2021
I absolutely love this butter it feels good on your skin and the smell is amazing….your customer service is impeccable….Thank you and I will most definitely tell all my friends and come back for more
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bodybuttersbyali on Jan 19, 2022
Thank you for the review and referral. We greatly appreciate it. Thank you for trusting us with your skin. Lots of love from Ali 💕
Amazing products!
By Shanice w. on Oct 18, 2021
I absolutely love these products. They moisturizer really well, they make my skin soft, and they smell amazing! Everytime I wear my glow oil I get so many compliments on how good I smell. I highly recommend these body butters for everyday use!
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bodybuttersbyali on Jan 19, 2022
Amazing! Soft skin is where its at! Thank you for your honest review and also thank you for trusting our products. We will continue to create these organic products for your skin. Lots of love from Ali 💕
You need this is your life!
By Janet T. on Oct 16, 2021
I went with the 16oz original double whipped body butter and it did not disappoint! I have sensitive and dry skin and this body butter does a great job of deeply moisturizing without irritating my skin. It does take some time to really soak into my skin but once it does it feels glorious! There is the slightest smokey scent to the shea butter, that’s how you know it’s the good stuff. When I made my purchase I wasn't sure how long the 16oz jar would last me but a little goes a long way, as long as you soften/melt it in your hands first before applying. I’ve also tried the rose whipped body butter and it smells divine. I’m excited to try out all of the scents!
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Amazing products
By Karen B. on Oct 16, 2021
We love our body butters from the subtle smells, the amazing quality and the moisture it provides is top notch. We love the double whipped for our kids sensitive skin, the mens butter and of course the vanilla coco. Thank you for making such an amazing product all while keeping it 100% natural. 5 stars all around
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I love body butters ❤️
By Jessica B. on Oct 16, 2021
The vanilla cocoa has to be my fav. It smells delightful! A little goes a long way. This butter body is perfect for every season !
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Creamiest body butters
By Ana F. on Oct 16, 2021
I am absolutely obsessed with these body butters, they are perfectly whipped and the scent is perfect, not overwhelming. I am prone to have flaky dry skin on my legs, especially in the winter. I also have very dry hands from all the frequent washing at work, and this body butters gives me such a silky layer of protection. I will be purchasing these products again!
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Best Creams Ever
By Amanda N. on Oct 16, 2021
So greatful to have met this gem she's so down to earth, beautiful and im obsessed with her creams they are presented nicely, the creams smell amazingly, smooth fluffy and leaves my skin including my daughter's and even husband renwed, helps my sebopsorias, and gives me confidence 💖
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The Greatest Body Butter to exist.
By Sofia A. on Oct 16, 2021
I’m so glad I found Body Butters by Ali. i struggle with a lack of shine and moisture in my skin and never would’ve thought everything plus my confidence would lie in a bottle! Definitely a must have for you, your kids, your man and makes the greatest gifts. “ Good Tingz Dem & Rub Mi Dung Gentley” to this day are my favourite in the butter and the oil.
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The best body butters I've found
By Amanda R. on Oct 16, 2021
I suffer from dry cracked skin and Ali's products don't disappoint. I'm on my 3rd jar in 4 months. This is the only product I've found that heals my skin
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Amazing Products & Customer Service
By Dianne C. on Oct 16, 2021
Body Butter is amazing! I highly recommend any of these products. Thank you Ali!
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Love it
By zenice z. on Aug 1, 2021
Love it, I use it for my kids, the smell is divine not over powering. They both have dry skin and since I started using it there is notable difference.
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bodybuttersbyali on Oct 16, 2021
Thank you beautiful. Thats the aim of our products to heal the skin.