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As the first directory for Social Media operated businesses in North America, your business now has a larger audience. Simply create a profile with you Instagram handle and Complete Business Information and leave the rest to us.

We Prioritize Your Business

No more customers searching for our business in an endless rabbit hole. Now when customers Google a product category, your Instagram shop will rank higher in search results. Plus, our large directory makes finding your unique social media shop a breeze.

Collect Happy Reviews And Ratings

We handle all the work need for you to collect the star ratings that you need to attract and have more repeat sales. Now you can sparkle and grow your just like the big bucks stores.




Get ready to discover all the benefits and secrets of our amazing Platform.

  • Comprehensive Directory For Social Media Businesses.
  • Prioritized Search Feature
  • Collect Social Proof


  • $4.99
  • Trial ends after 365 days
  • <p><strong>Online Customer Review and Ratings</strong><br /> - 1 User Account<br /> - 4 links to social accounts<br /> - Unlimited photo upload<br /> - Access with One Click<br /> - Social Engagement Access<br /> - Interactive Customer-Client Interface</p>

Amazing Features

Admin Support

We do all the work. All you need to do is sign up.

Powerful Dashboard

You have control over your own profile. You can complete your bio with whatever story you like. Upload unlimited number of photos.

Save Time

You don’t need to spend hundreds of hours chasing after your customers to gather reviews. We do it for you.

Superior Customer Engagement

You can read and reply to all the reviews that your customers make about your product offering you an additional opportunity to showcase your superior customer service repertoire.

Full Transparency

You can openly court new customers by being transparent in your interaction with previous customers on our platform.

“The people behind these small/micro niche businesses are resourceful. They deserve to be empowered with options in eCommerce platforms that match their evolving needs. Grammedit has the Solution.”

Patience Ose

Founder, Grammedit


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