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Level Up your social selling. World’s only social proof platform dedicated to small sellers on instagram.

Do you relish the idea of connecting with shoppers who value your authenticity as a business? The good news is that there are plenty of shoppers on social media who are eager to connect with small Instagram sellers that are genuinely transparent about their product and services, warts and all. The problem? Finding and authenticating them is often a frustrating experience; many small businesses are losing sales as a result. This platform and blog hopes to change that. (Website launch coming soon.)

For small hobby craft business owners, it’s hard enough to start a business. However, it’s even harder to get the attention that they deserve. Grammedit is the platform that connects active shoppers with local Instagram sellers who are passionate about providing the service that they advertise. Our goal is to advocate for entrepreneurs just like you, who conduct their business fairly and openly.

At Grammedit, we believe that a good quality eCommerce marketplace is all about “The Community” that it serves. This is especially true of a social selling marketplace, where shoppers’ expectations are only met when sellers are transparent and authentic in their dealings.

How Grammedit Will Support Small Businesses:

When it comes to being an Instagram Seller, it can be hard to show your customers what makes your brand unique. That’s where Grammedit steps in; to provide more visibility to the small sellers that are falling through the cracks created by big buck platforms. Grammedit provides small social media businesses the platform to prove their worth and reinvent their relationship with their customers in a positive, business-friendly way. Grammedit’s proof-of-authenticity system will help boost shoppers’ trust and sellers’ integrity, as well as support their growth in the following ways:


Grammedit is the only review platform built to level the playing field for small sellers that are conducting business on social media. By being a part of this platform, you are setting the highest standard of authenticity for your customers. There is nothing more appealing than sellers who use their product and service to validate their customers’ desire to express their individual authenticity. Your affiliation with other sellers who value honesty and transparency in providing the best products and services sets the right expectation for your future customers. Your unique offer will deepen their loyalty to your business.

Social selling has a new kid on the block


Convenience is king when shoppers want to shop small on social media. However, it’s often a frustrating process ridden with endless searches into discouraging rabbit holes of social media. Now, with our optimized search feature, shoppers can search, find, and shop with their favorite social media shop faster and more conveniently. Our all-in-one approach makes the process of searching and authenticating social media sellers less daunting. No more multiple searches that often confuse the customer and ends with them buying elsewhere. Customers can now go from inspiration to validation to purchase, right from your Grammedit profile. After all, finding the superior social proof that they require to purchase from you takes just one click. Connect. Sell. Get Reviews.

Build Your Reputation

When sellers get noticed for their genuine creativity, it pays off. Research shows that there is no better way to build customer loyalty than with transparent customer reviews found on an independent platform. Grammedit offers each business a transparent way to accumulate independent reviews from customers, which they can then use to attract future customers.

With our social interaction feature, businesses can reply to reviews from customers right from their profile. This kind of openness will help sellers to truly showcase their customer service repertoire and help to repair and retain more customers. The more trusted your reviews are, the more your business will grow and succeed.

Join a social selling revolution

Finally, small sellers on Instagram can get the superstar treatment for their achievements. That is the best reward, ever.

Free Tools and Collaboration Opportunities To Grow Your Business

Our platform will provide free; trending marketing and sales tips, as well as feature advice from industry experts that will help micro sellers grow their sales. Grammedit platform has a community of fellow business owners who are dedicated to discovering and collaborating with their peers, just like you. Browse the categories, see how other businesses are promoting themselves, and connect with a business partner that will help you grow your audience and business all in one spot. We choose collaboration over competition.

Save Money, Make Money

The best part is, it’s free. In addition, sellers will save money as they don’t need to spend additional resources for publicity on internet searches. They can use our platform’s proof-of-authenticity system to build trust and manage their reputation, and to grow their business. The exclusivity of belonging to the only social selling certification platform will help them make more money retain more customers.

How Grammedit Will Empower Shoppers:

With hundreds of top-rated sellers in North America, from fashion and beauty to food and beyond, there’s something for shoppers to discover for any occasion.

Each day, Grammedit is gaining widespread support from shoppers who would love to patronize local sellers. The benefits of Grammedit for shoppers are numerous and include:

Convenience: Find, Read, and Shop Local Stores at Your Fingertips

We are developing the largest database of retail businesses that operate on social media. That means shoppers can expect to find their ideal seller and obtain the independent social proof they need in order to shop with just one click. With our optimized search feature, finding and supporting local stores has never been easier.

Find. Read Reviews. Shop.

Rinse. Repeat.

Confidence and Peace of Mind

At Grammedit, it’s not about creating a “hate fest” where shoppers share grievances; it’s about support and empowerment. We believe that sellers who get the recognition they deserve ultimately add value to the community of social sellers. Social shopping is here to stay and it should be fun. However, there should be no mystery surrounding whether or not the testimonials that customers are reading have been cherry picked. Authentic businesses who favour genuine customer interactions like @thehivelight, below, deserve to be recognized just as much as the ones with ten times more followers. They are an impressive example for balancing the quest to turn followers into potential customers and maintaining a singular focus on being true to a business mission.

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That’s why our independent review platform encourages an upbuilding and encouraging attitude in curating our reviews and feedback for small unique businesses.

When we say 5 stars, we mean it. Grammedit relies on honest and real reviews from shoppers like you, so you can trust exactly where you shop. It’s time to build confidence and peace of mind in shopping while you click.

**Website coming soon**

Make An Impact. Rinse. Repeat.

Behind every monetary transaction is an actual human being with dreams and ambitions; being shared in exchange for something of value. Both sellers and buyers expect fairness; nothing less should be received.

Behind every ecommerce transaction, there is an actual person.

By actively participating in feedback of your favorite seller, you can help the next shopper get the experience they deserve. At the end of the day, nothing is more important than ensuring that what you ordered is what you got upon delivery. Spread the message of authenticity and originality while helping shoppers just like you.

The genuine expressions of your dealings with sellers on our platform can, quite literally, mean the difference between a crushed dream and a strong community. When a seller needs to improve in any aspect of their business, reviews that shoppers like you make on this platform will surely be a resource for growth.

Grammedit is where your influence makes a true impact.

Shopping local and promoting local businesses is more important than ever. It’s time they had a platform that is dedicated to providing the tools and resources to support their dreams, expertise, and encourage them to keep going. This is the holistic approach to building our eCommerce community at Grammedit.

What are you waiting for?

Unleash your superpower and join Grammedit. 

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