Beauty is Skin Deep: 5 Ultimate Ways to Grow Your Skin Care Business

The decision to launch a skin care and beauty business is often the result of one thing – your passion! But as with any business, there are numerous challenges and hurdles that you need to jump over before you can consider it an unbelievable success. While there’s no cure that promises success, we believe the five tips below will undoubtedly help you grow your skin care business. 

1. Be Different and Communicate Value 

The beauty industry has been dominated by a select number of brands for decades. But, thanks to the rise of social media (Instagram especially), small businesses such as yours can develop an extensive following that love your products. 

To achieve that, you HAVE TO answer these questions! What makes my business/product special and how is it different compared to everyone else? It’s likely that you have an idea already but, if you don’t believe what makes you special, then neither will your customers. 

When you understand what separates you from your competitors, make sure that you communicate that to your target audience. In doing so, showcase the value of your business and products – outlining just how beneficial it is to your customers. 

2. Engage with Your Customers 

This is an absolute must! Customer engagement is a sure-fire way to not only showcase your brand but its vital to the overall growth of your following. Small skin care and beauty businesses are increasingly popular on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 

Instagram however is the perfect platform as it allows you as a small business owner to communicate effectively with prospective customers via DM’s. From this, you can gain a true understanding of what your customers are looking for and can build your own buyers’ persona. In this way, you can ensure that your products are more socially conscious and take concerns such as sustainability more seriously. 

Engaging with your customers is not a one-shoe-fits-all approach. Instead, treat each customer as the unique individual that they are and provide relevant information that supports their decision to buy. 

3. Branding, Branding, Branding

The most exciting part of any business! Branding gives you the creative freedom to build an identity that you and your customers love. But hold on just a second! While you may have certain designs, colour schemes, and other visuals in use, you need to ensure that all of these are communicating one fundamental and cohesive message – this who we are, and this is how we will help you. 

Many businesses forget to address the needs of the customers when branding their product. This includes all packaging, social media posts, advertising, visuals, and the website. To avoid this, develop visual that WOW and resonate with your customers and have information to back up any claims that you make. 

4. Understand the Importance of Reviews and Research 

When was the last time you bought makeup online? Got your answer? Then answer this, how long did you spend researching that product? If it’s less than a couple of hours, then we’re shocked!  

The amount of beauty and skin care brands has driven many customers to research products extensively. This research is often comprised of understanding what ingredients have been used, how the price compares to other brands, and well reading the long list of reviews – that seemingly go on forever! 

Reviews are the go-to source of information because it provides ‘real-world evidence. They are so powerful that they can determine the overall success of a business with just a few customer testimonials. So, as a small skin care business, why wouldn’t you want to manage your reputation and reviews? Companies across Canada have now partnered with Grammedit – a conclusive reputation management platform that was designed specifically for ‘@’ businesses. Grammedit enables you to foster more customer engagement and showcase your authority with an extensive list of must-read reviews. 

5. Commit to Authenticity 

The pursuit of life-long success is fraught with unexpected challenges for many businesses. Yet one aspect of a business that’s frequently overlooked in the modern era is authenticity. Your authenticity is a driving factor that makes you and your product so special! 

Committing your business to remain authentic despite all its challenges is difficult – but not impossible. Start by prioritizing transparency with all your customers and suppliers. Foster open dialogue that provides meaningful information and solutions that promote trust and respect. Importantly, maintain these relationships with marketing that’s truthful and focuses on building value for your customers. 

The Additional Benefits of Grammedit 

Successfully growing your skin care business is the result of dedication, an effective digital marketing plan, and a commitment to your target audience. However, by partnering with Grammedit, this process becomes more efficient and brings you even closer to customers that will love your brand. With Grammedit, you can expect to receive these additional benefits over and above the reputation management system. 

  • Greater brand recognition. 
  • Facilitates greater communication between you and buyers 
  • Accurate and detailed analytics. 
  • Increase in site traffic. 
  • Attracts a larger, dedicated following on social media – especially Instagram. 
  • Consistent flow of prospective customers. 
  • Greater authority within your niche – a result from the review and star rating process. 
  • VIP access to the first flexible ecommerce platform for social media (coming soon). 

Final Thoughts 

Finding your way in the skin care and beauty industry can be overwhelming as you have different brands everywhere you look! Yet, you understand the value behind your business and product. So much so, that you firmly believe that is has IMMENSE value for your dedicated following of customers. 

Trust in the process of growing your business. It takes time. It takes dedication. And it involves a certain degree of luck to achieve the success that you have envisioned. With a little bit of time, your community of customers will continue to grow, and more people will begin to see the fantastic value that your products provide them with. 

Do you have a skin care or beauty business? What are some of the reasons that you believe has made your business successful? Share your story in the comments section below. 

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