10 Commandments of Social Selling

For those of you who are familiar with old school hip hop, you might remember the 90’s hip hop rap song “Ten Crack Commandments” by the Notorious B.I.G. as a reference in that decade’s popular culture. The song was meant to speak to the struggle that it takes to become a successful “business man” in the dog-eat-dog world of drug trade. While social ecommerce media is a completely legal endeavour, but, no one can deny that it is in-fact a very challenging landscape to overcome. Infact, every entrepreneur that is conducting business on social media needs to develop their own 10 Crack Commandments Rules for survival and this article is going to explain why.

The attachment to the pseudo-publicity derived from a following complete strangers who are enthralled with the public display of our lifestyle can be very addictive. That is why it can expose one to pressures to a “fake” reality in order to keep up with appearances. As if it isn’t bad enough, the pressure to make a living in this kind borderline pretentious environment where players will resort to almost anything to make a buck can crush a dream before it even starts. For example, in every 10 social media ecommerce company, nearly half are making claims about the benefits of their products or service that are either overstated or total lies. The unspoken mantra of selling on Instagram is to augment product offerings using the platforms tools like using photo filters, instagram reels, boomerang etc when presenting the products. Sellers who want to succeed face enourmous pressure to succumb to this augmented reality. The implications can be devastating for authentic entrepreneurs that are honest and transparent. So…

How does one survive this kind of surreal pressure in the age of Social Selling?

Below is my humble advice on how socialpreneurs can resist the pressure to conform to the pressures of the jungle world that is social media ecommerce. But before you read this, you need watch this video of the original song in order to feel the energy of this parody.


I’ve been in this game for years, it made me an animal

It’s rules to this shit, I wrote me a manual

Step-By-Step booklet…

A guide for you to get

Your customer review game on track, not your wig pushed back.

Rule Number Uno, always let them know

How much props you got, cause you know, yo’ REALNESS  breed more BIZNESS ‘specially

If yo sellin On the ‘Gram where yo’ stuff needs mad props.

Number 2, always let ’em see your IG reels, for real tho,

Don’t you know Boss Babes be keepin it Real ?

Take it from your highness.

I done squeezed mad clips at these cats for their bricks and chips.

Number 3, “never trust no-bo-dy” is THE rule, tho. remember it goes both ways. Check Yo’ vibe. attracts same vibes.

Number 4: I know you heard this before

Never get high on your own supply.

Number 5: never sell anything when you ain’t dropping bars.

That custie you got hooked on air, soon be fed up. FAST buck is all you got.

Number 6: That “fake it till you make it” thing? DEAD it. You think your custies are stupid? Forget it.

Number 7: this rule is so underrated

Always keep your values and goals completely related.

Number 8: Always staying true to who knows you.

Them cats whose mind you blow, be same ones be inspirin’ you too.

Number 9: should been number 1 to me. If you ain’t gettin through, stay bloody true even if its a tough road. If custies think yo’ in it for publicity’ they ain’t tryna listen.

Number 10: A strong word called Grammedit, strictly fo REAL biz. Not for phonies. Guys, if yo’ sellers ain’t been ‘Grammed Yet, say “hell no”. Cuz you gon spend yo’ money,

Read it, buy it & review it too.

Follow these rules you’ll have mad bread to break up.

What did you think of the rap? How did I do?

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